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Selective Memories: An Anthology
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Centuries ago the Byrinthians were wiped out. Apart from one underground train which is still travelling the tunnels of this long-dead world. With a passenger on board.

In remembrance

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Cancel Save. The Doctor. September Audio stories. Series 1. Jason Hiller was a friend from The Bootheels days, he was also a crack bass player, the duo began making music together. They quickly made a name for themselves gigging around town.

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Waiting For George , the title a playful shout-out to producer George Drakoulias , arrived in After relocating to Portland, the band quietly called it quits. Luther quickly collated several of his songs and released his first solo album, Lowdown World And Other Assorted Songs in Concurrently, he was acquiring a reputation as a sensitive producer. As he successfully toggled between solo projects and production work, he hooked up with ex-Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford and formed Federale. As the 21 st century dawned, Luther seemed to have found his niche, shifting between production gigs and making his own music.

He released his own albums sporadically.

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Squires band. He is currently finishing his sixth long player, but in the meantime, Hanky Panky Records has released a career-spanning two-CD set entitled Selective Memories. The first CD kicks into gear with a couple of rambunctious Bootheels songs. Blitzkrieg guitars crash into brisk bass lines, yelpy vocals and a pogo rhythm. Four tracks document his earliest solo efforts following the dissolution of the Bootheels. His playful vocal gymnastics assert a boyish charm that is hard to resist.

At this point Luther is clearly sifting through myriad influences and trying on different musical hats.

Footfalls in Memory: An Anthology - AbeBooks - Terry Waite:

Even as the Freewheelers came apart at the seams, Luther managed to retain his mordant sense of humor. The set is peppered with several eclectic instrumentals. Something of a musical shapeshifter, Luther offers up a smorgasbord of sounds and textures, mastering one style and then confidently moving on to the next.

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Several songs here are simply irresistible, but not in a louche, Robert Palmer way. Jul 13, It took a bit, and it was a lot of hard work, and now I hate cardboard, but being able to share a product my team and I have worked so hard on for the past year and a half is a really great feeling. I want to thank everyone for supporting independent authors and artists from all over the world by checking out, and hopefully enjoying, our work! Update 9. Jul 2, The only holdup on the bigger orders are the bookmarks, which should arrive tomorrow.

And for those who have family members or friends who would like to purchase the paperback, ebook or bookmark, I will be posting the relevant information on where these items will be sold on my website www. Update 8. Jun 22, There were only a few posters, and the company I went through misprinted the first batch, but I now have the second, correct batch, and they turned out amazing. The bookmarks should be here next week, and the books could arrive any time.

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The Memory Eater Anthology. The Memory Eater is an anthology consisting of 27 illustrated stories based on a device which can locate and destroy memories. Share this project.

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