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  1. What Is ‘Star Wars’ Going to Do With Finn?
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  3. Star Wars' John Boyega discusses Finn-Poe 'gay romance' in The Last Jedi | Metro News
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  5. Star Wars Book Reveals What Happened After Rose Kissed Finn In The Last Jedi

Seeing a young Asian woman and a black man on a mission to save the galaxy is very much a part of what Star Wars can offer a new generation of filmgoers.

What Is ‘Star Wars’ Going to Do With Finn?

To complain that it dragged in places compared to the angsty drama of white characters Luke, Rey, and Kylo is to miss some of the aspirational purpose of Star Wars. Additionally, Canto Bight opens up the Star Wars universe in exciting new ways. They found a way to live above it or beyond it. In that way, Canto Bight is the spark that can light the flame of hope for the survival of the Star Wars franchise beyond the Skywalker legacy.

And the best news of all of this? The second time I saw The Last Jedi, without the distracting, desperate curiosity of wanting to know what Rey might discover on Ahch-To, I learned to relax, stop worrying, and love Canto Bight. On a second viewing, so might everyone else. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By Richard Lawson. By Paul Chi. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy.

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Share this story Twitter Facebook. It's truly tragic that somehow Disney managed to find people so completely unskilled to make these movies. A random fan literally could have written a better script.

Star Wars' John Boyega discusses Finn-Poe 'gay romance' in The Last Jedi | Metro News

You sitting there reading this. Yes you. You could have written a much better script. Because the suicide run to save his friends and fellow Resistance means nothing? If you're really looking for examples of terrible writing, just read any article posted on NoFilmSchool. But instead the choice is literally forced on him by Rose, robbing him of any arc or self-realisation.

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Add to the fact that literally nothing is done with his ex-stormtrooper past across two whole films aside from conveniently giving him exposition when instead it could be fertile ground for conflict, inner turmoil and suspicion amongst other characters, he is a total waste of an interesting character premise. They use his Stormtrooper past as a way of framing his fear of the First Order and to show.

  • John Boyega prompts ‘Star Wars’ debate with Rey character revelation.
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He's set up as a soldier who refuses to slaughter innocents and subsequently flees his base. He of course gets mixed up with Rey and BB-8, but then tries to flee yet again before being drawn into the fight when Kylo abducts Rey.

Finn's Death - If I Die Young - Glee

Finn even puts his life on the line when he faces Kylo Ren alone with a lightsaber. He's introduced in The Last Jedi yet again as a coward who tries to flee on his own in the escape pod before realizing that the Resistance fighters in this case, Rose's sister have sacrificed their lives for something bigger than themselves.

He is compelled into the suicide run because he's trying to save his friends before he's stopped by Rose.

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His self-realization is that the suicide run is just another form of cowardly escape, and that to truly resist the evil of the First Order, he must love. I agree that Finn's adventure is not as compelling as it could be. I really would have liked to see Poe join Finn and Rose because it would have given a little more weight to that plot line and given Poe more to do than stand around being insubordinate and cocky. But, that's part of his arc as a responsible leader, I suppose. But Finn's potential as "character premise" is irreverent because movie characters aren't real.

Star Wars Book Reveals What Happened After Rose Kissed Finn In The Last Jedi

There are so may problems with the script I think it's totally unfair to point at any one character. The whole concept for this film is a joke. The star wars franchise is at its best when it's framed as an adventure film, full of discovery, stories of legend and desperate survival against incredible odds. This film was a car chase with some side hijinks that cheaply made homage to earlier films.

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There are so many missed opportunities for character development and drama it's laughable. It's more tragic that anyone would blame the actors for of this.

It's not Boyega or Tran at fault. It's Rian and Abrams. I see Abrams's fingers are all over this.