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They felt their pup was a little lonely and needed a playmate. What a lucky puppy!!

Horoscope and chart of Jennifer Grey (Placidus system)

He is determined to make her feel special and loved. Fifi's old life as a breeder dog is over and she is now living the life of a princess. Banjo is home! Kellyann was interested in adopting Banjo. All the information she had gleaned from his profile pointed to a dog who would require a lot of patience and compassion - she knew not to expect a friendly pooch with a wagging tail from the get-go.

She let Banjo set the terms and respected his boundaries. Today, Banjo is more relaxed and confident, he greets his family with a wagging tail and kisses, just like any other happy dog. Daffodil is home. When Carmen and Frank met Daffodil there was an instant connection. This diminutive dainty girl walked right up to Carmen, put her little paws on her legs and waited to be petted. In just a few minutes, Daffodil was in Carmen's lap. Their granddaughter, Natalie, who resides with the couple, was smitten as well.

Daffodil's beauty and gentle disposition were appreciated by all. Carmen's daughter has two mini poodles the same age and play dates are already being planned. Despite living 7 years in a rabbit hutch, Daffodil holds no grudges against humans. She has eagerly embraced her new family and is finally living the life she deserves. Pixie is home! Kimberly and Jay found Pixie so irresistible they made her a member of their family. We applaud Kimberley and Jay for adopting a senior, they are committed to making sure that the pint-sized dynamo who stole their hearts has the best golden years.

Bo has a family!! Bo is going to have so much fun!!! Great news!

The Telltale Turkey Caper by Georgette Livingston (2013, Paperback)

Baker has a new family! Rachel and her boyfriend are planning to move to a home soon and want a special puppy to complete the picture. Silly boy Baker was the perfect choice! Tobias wanted a playmate for his poodle, Lien, and Toby was the perfect fit!! The two dogs have become the best of friends: they run and play as much as they can, and then sleep the rest of the day away. Toby has gone from an uncertain life to a secure future, filled with companionship and love.

Piper is a lucky dog!

Tish, her foster mom, was smitten immediately; when she introduced Piper to her own dogs, the deal was done. Her dogs, Jax and Zippy, fell instantly in love, and they quickly formed a pack of three. Eileen was looking to add a senior mini poodle to her pack; sweet Tammy caught her eye. Eileen has a soft spot in her heart for precious seniors, and Tammy was the perfect choice.

Tammy now lives in a home full of love, spending her retirement enjoying the company of her fur canine siblings, two cats, and a mom who adores her. Butch is Home! The angels were smiling the day Butch walked into his foster home. Now, Butch has parents who love him and two new fur siblings, Gabby and Jennie, as well. Sally and Steve are retired, so Butch and the gang get attention all day long. Butch is finally living the life he deserves, and enjoying every minute of it. Biscotti is Home! Karen and Don understand that senior and special needs dogs are true gems. They adopted one such gem from PPR and gave him the best 3 years of his life.

After mourning his recent passing, they were ready to do it again.

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Handsome in his grey and white ensemble, Biscotti caught their attention. His sweet nature and fondness for cuddling sealed the deal. Now, his life is filled with new adventures and abounding love. Cora has found her new forever home with Clara, her son Michael and his wife Yuluisia. Clara is a seasoned dog owner, but has not had a dog for quite some time. She realized that she missed having a dog in her house, and decided that she was ready to welcome one into her home. Cora now also has a fur cousin, Mishka the cat, to keep her company.

Cora now looks forward to fun days ahead, filled with daily walks, playing in her new fenced back yard, and lots and lots of love. Life is looking good for sweet Cora. Mickey Is Home! Mickey now has a new fur-sibling, Beemer, who was also adopted from Poodle and Pooch. Maisel is in seventh heaven! She was adopted by her foster mom, Clara, who fell in love with her immediately!

Two very lucky dogs!! Such a happy home for Ms. Wyatt is Home!

Robin and Helmut are tickled pink to welcome Wyatt into their family. What more could Wyatt ask for? Nothing, really, but there is more: Wyatt is enjoying his new fenced backyard and soaking up that wonderful Florida sunshine next to the pool!

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Now that Wyatt has a family to call his own, he is spreading the news and telling everyone how happy he is. Scout Is Home! Scout has made himself at home, making sure that he has full access to the entire house and fenced backyard. Scout loves to sit on the back of the sofa and look out of the window, supervising everything that is happening in the neighborhood. He insists on backyard play time and demands some pool time, too.

Life is super-duper for Scout now that he is living the life he deserves with his new forever family. Angel is Home!

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  • Little Angel has sprouted her wings and found her forever home! Her new family, adopters Renea and Walter, and their three dogs, Gator, Bella and Lucky, have welcomed Angel with wide open arms. Angel is smiling from ear to ear and wiggling with joy from nose to tail now that she has a family to call her own. Brody is Home! Rayne, after having lost his mini schnauzer two years ago, decided it was time to make his life complete again.

    At home, Brody has a fenced back yard to play in, and Rayne takes him for walks every day. Both Brody and Rayne are over the moon happy with their new life together! Ireland is Home! Several years ago, Mildred and James lost their beloved dogs, Teddy and Cappy. The couple decided to travel and see the world; however, they both knew there was something missing - they knew it was time to welcome a new pooch into their home. They are soaring into a bright future with lots of excitement and joy, knowing that with Ireland, their lives are complete. Like the Hawaiians say, they are Ohana!

    Jake has found his furever home and family!! This wonderful little guy was thrilled to find Claudia and her husband, and feels lucky they chose him to be a new addition to their fur family.


    Hazel is Home! Hazel will enjoy walks, dog park playtime, and fun romps with her two new fur siblings, a German Shepard and a Papillion, in her new fenced yard. Her daily agenda is full of activities like playing with her new friends, lounging by the pool to soak up the Florida sunshine, watching movies and, best of all, lots of cuddle time. Hazel is looking forward to the good life with her new forever family!

    Georgette Livingston | Cozy Mystery List

    Chewy has found his furever home! Now he lives the life of a pampered pooch, in a comfortable home where he receives all the attention he truly deserves. Chewy can finally live with optimism, knowing that he has security and unconditional love. Mozzie is home! This wonderful little fluff ball was thrilled to find Christopher and Afra to spend his life with; and, as an added bonus, he gets a new fur brother, a fellow Pekingese named Louie, too!

    Mozzie has an AWESOME life to look forward to with all the joys any pooch could hope for: a warm home, a loving family, and a sense of security. Hooray for Mozzie! Jasmine is Home! Karen was looking for a canine companion to be her one and only. Jasmine prefers being the only pet in the home and the center of attention. So, when the two got together it was like peanut butter and chocolate - the perfect mix.